Hypnosis-Simple Ways to Become a Guru

audrey hypnosis Hypnosis Simple Ways to Become a Guru

You have probably attempted to hypnotize someone over and over again. You might have asked a friend to do the same for you, but this attempt has also failed. The truth is that you cannot just look someone in the eye and make their mind float. You really have to try hard and use effective hypnosis tricks.

The most important thing you need to do for successful hypnosis is to gain the subject’s trust. This is more easily said than done. It is best to get to know the person well. Share some of your secrets so that you can earn trust quickly, even if you are attempting to hypnotize a close friend.

It is essential for you to explain the procedure in detail and to highlight the fact that it cannot be used for mind control or any other kind of manipulation. Explain that the subject cannot incur any psychological or physical damages during and after the procedure.

Voice intonation is the key to effective hypnosis. Make sure you to not speak loudly, but do not whisper either. Use the most calming tone you possibly have. Imagine that you are speaking to yourself when you are trying to relax. Pronounce the words clearly, but use a flat tone. Your voice should not show any emotion or nervousness. Just make is gentle and soothing.

Choose the best words to make suggestions. The key is to avoid actually suggestion words, such as “should”. Use short and simple phrases in the form of commands. For instance, you can readily say, “you feel relieved”, but not something like, “it is time for you to feel relieved”. It is best to focus on the positive, so that your subject can achieve a higher level of perception.

Finally, you should not be an impatient hypnotist. Practice to get these methods to get the desired results.

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