Hypnotize-The Main Tools You Need to Use

hypnotism2 150x150 Hypnotize The Main Tools You Need to Use

You have to have self confidence in order to hypnotize someone and make them do what you want. However, even though this is a fundamental prerequisite, you cannot rely on it solely. You have to use a variety of techniques.

These techniques to hypnotize are not particularly difficult. In fact, they are based on a simple set of communication tools that we use every day. Your main weapon is your use of words. It is essential to choose the right expressions and phrases that will influence a person.

The tone of voice is equally important in order to hypnotize a person. You do not have to sound like one of the hypnotists you have seen in black and white movies. Quite the opposite, your intonation has to be seemingly casual, but it has to have subtle undertones. You have to stress on different words without the subject knowing.

Actions are an equally important tool, if you want to hypnotize someone. One of the fundamental techniques is to mimic the actions of the person you want to persuade in doing what you want them to. Again, you have to be skillful enough to do it without them noticing.

Gestures are more likely to affect the subconscious mind than the critical part of the mind. You certainly know this from personal experience. When some agrees to do something, but frowns, it is perfectly obvious that he is reluctant to do it.

You can use gestures to hypnotize people, especially in the preparation stage for the actual suggestion. For instance, if you are trying to convince a colleague to work late and he refuses, you can agree with him using words, but shake your head and express disapproval and disappointment.

You already know a lot about the fundamental tools you need to use in order to hypnotize people. Now you should build on this knowledge and expand it. Read my article Hypnotize-The Myths and Realities about Conversational Hypnosis.

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