How to Hypnotize Someone-Making Suggestions

hypnosis1 150x150 How to Hypnotize Someone Making Suggestions

The key to learning how to hypnotize someone is to master the making of suggestions. This is the final stage of hypnosis. When your subject is ready for persuasion, you simply need to tell them what to do.

How do you know that it is time to make suggestions? You have to have performed the two preparation techniques. You should have built rapport with the person. More importantly, you should have switched off their critical mind. You should have mastered these techniques, if you know how to hypnotize someone.

You have to make sure that the person will accept your suggestions. You should have convinced them of the benefits the actions will bring to him in the first place. In addition, it is extremely important for you to have the trust of the subject.

When a person is ready to be hypnotized, they might look a little out of place, but they will certainly not be staring at you with a foolish expression on their face. In fact, it is important for you to feel that the subject is ready. This usually comes after some training and practice.

Then you can make the actual suggestions. Tell the person to do what you want them to. You should not hesitate to be straightforward. For instance, you a sales person can readily say something like “Buy this product. It feels great to have it and to use it.”

If you want to learn how to hypnotize someone effectively, you should focus on the right choice of words. It is important not to use imperatives or any suggestive language forms.

You have already found out a lot about the methods on how to hypnotize someone. Learn more reading my article How to Hypnotize Someone-The Many Different Hypnotic Techniques.

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