Learn Hypnosis-3 Things You Must Never Do

hypnosis spiral 300 150x150 Learn Hypnosis 3 Things You Must Never Do

There is plenty of advice that I can give to those who want to learn hypnosis. It is a good idea to pay specific attention to the things that can ruin your hypnotic efforts. In this way, you will learn to avoid them at all costs.

Never show hesitation.

When you are hesitant, you look puzzled. Some people even seem to be some kind of freaks when they experience confusion. This can totally ruin your effort for building rapport with the person you want to persuade.

The best way to avoid hesitation is to work on making yourself super confident in your skills and intentions. You should be totally relaxed, when trying to hypnotize someone. Adopt the correct breathing pattern and the tone of voice to put the person into trance.

Never leave the person in a state of trance.

It is perfectly natural for you to focus on the techniques for reaching the subconscious mind and making subliminal messages, when you learn hypnosis. However, it is equally important to learn what to do after you have made the commands.

Leaving a person in a state of trance can reduce the power of the suggestions you have made. That is why it is important for you to stop the hypnosis at the right time with the right type of actions.

Never tell anyone that you have hypnotized (tried to hypnotize) him.

You want to learn hypnosis to make others do what you want them to. If you tell them that you have hypnotized them or made attempts do to it, they will stop trusting you immediately. Furthermore, their critical mind will be working more actively.

You will lose your positions and jeopardize your efforts, so try your best not to be a chatter box.

Now you know what not to do in order to learn hypnosis and master it. Find out more in my article Learn Hypnosis-Get People To Finally Do What You Want.

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