Hypnosis-Making It Work

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The reality is that when a person is under hypnosis they are more mentally alert. This has been scientifically proven. In fact, the subject is made to focus on a single thing only with all the rest being left in the periphery of the mind.

Your job as a hypnotist is to make your subject focus on that single thing that you want him to do. Provided that you have switched off the critical mind of the person, there should not be any resistance to your suggestions.

However, an even more serious issue appears afterwards. There is a huge argument going on about whether you can make someone do something that he utterly resists.

Indeed, it is extremely difficult to make someone do something against their nature and will. That is why one of the main aspects of hypnosis that you have to master is persuasion.

You have to make the person want to do what you command them to. How does this work? There are a number of hypnosis tools that you can use.

Your charm and charisma are your main tools. A person is more influential when they are admired and trusted. Your task is to inspire the subject before making your subliminal suggestions (commands).

Your main tool is the imagination of the subject. You have to make him imagine the pleasant feelings and other intangible benefits he will get from doing what you want him to.

The key to success here is to make the action desirable for the subject, even if it is not. For instance, let’s say that you want someone to work overtime instead of you. You simply have to present the extra work as something brining huge benefits, such as respect and higher chances of promotion.

You already know how to go about hypnosis. Continue your learning with my article Hypnosis – The Oldest Form of Influence.

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