Conversational Hypnosis – 2 Powerful Tips for Building Rapport

The key to success in conversational hypnosis is to get to the subject’s subconscious mind, which you can easily influence.

One of the main preliminary stages is to build rapport. This has to be done in a seemingly casual manner, much like the entire conversational hypnosis method.

I find it effective to use the following tips, when building rapport.

Let the subject be the leader.

It is much easier to let someone struggle to build rapport with you, then to make efforts to build rapport with them. This is a simple trick that you can use, in various situations.

The best way to accomplish this effect is to have something that the subject wants or to be in a position, in which you can help him.

For instance, you can readily be polite and a little bit distracted, when the person you want to hypnotize is obviously in need of some assistance. They will be eager to get your favor.

Find common things with the subject.

This is one of the simplest methods for building rapport when you use conversational hypnosis. There are a lot of ways to apply it as well.

A salesperson can readily say to a prospect customer, “I really love your hat and the way it looks on you. I am planning to get one myself”. This includes flattering, which is helpful as well.

Another approach is to focus on the fact that misery loves company. If the person you want to use conversational hypnosis on has some sort of problem, you can readily share that you have gone through the same thing. This is great for subconscious bonding.

In general, you can readily find something in common with a person, even if you have to make it up.

Now you can readily use these conversational hypnosis strategies for success. Find more helpful advice in my article Conversational Hypnosis -Commanding Other People Through Conversation.

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