Black Ops Hypnosis – 3 Myths Debunked

There are a lot of myths associated with black ops hypnoses. In this post I am explaining the truth.

Most people are not susceptible to black ops hypnosis.

This is totally wrong. This method involves reaching and influencing the subconscious mind. Everyone has a subconscious mind that you can use to your advantage.

It is true that some people have a higher level of critical resistance, but this does not mean that they cannot be manipulated. Despite the common misconception, people with high IQ are usually not so difficult to hypnotize, simply because they are more open-minded.

You can lose control and create a zombie.

This notion comes from popular fiction and it is totally wrong. In black ops hypnosis, the practitioner exploits the inner feelings and desires of his subject.

This means that you are not forcefully making someone do something against their will. Quite the opposite, you make him desire and outcome. In turn, the subject uses his own will to do it.

In addition, successful hypnotists are trained to have complete self confidence and to never given in to emotions. In turn, they have total control over social situations and people.

Only organized groups of people can do black ops hypnosis.

It is common belief that intelligence organizations have centers, in which they apply this type of hypnotism on people. It is true that teams of scientists make experiments using these hypnotic techniques, but this does not mean that the average person cannot apply them.

The reality is that you don’t need tools, such as tapes with music that has the same tones as the beating of the human heart, to make someone do what you want. You can gain all the necessary knowledge and skills trough training.

Now you know a lot more about black ops hypnosis than the average person. It is the perfect time to expand your knowledge with my article Black Ops Hypnosis -Discover the Sneakiest Way To Get What You Want From People.

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