How to Hypnotize – Using Embedded Commands

Are you ready to learn how to hypnotize in a really sneaky manner?

The use of embedded commands is one of the most influential techniques in conversational hypnosis. I can readily recommend this method, because it has been tested and proven to work.

Embedded commands are commands you skillfully slip in your speech and in your sentences to be precise. These cannot be recognized as subliminal messages. However, they are specifically designed to pass the conscious mind and reach the subconscious one.

Everyone who knows how to hypnotize uses this technique effectively. There is nothing that can stop you from learning it as well.

As I mentioned earlier, your speech, sentences and words are your most powerful weapons. That is why one of the simplest tactics you can use is to stress on the words in your speech that can influence your subject subconsciously.

Take this line as an example, “I think you like this product. It would be the right thing to buy it”. You can readily stress on the phrases “like this product” and “buy it”.

The key to making it work is to use a monotonous tone and reduce the speech volume, when pronouncing the key phrases.

This is how to hypnotize by stressing phrases to turn them into embedded commands.

Another option is to make these commands within a casual conversation you are having.

Let’s suppose that you want your boss to give you a pay raise. When you are talking to him to discuss a project, you can readily say, “I understand what you want, the key point here is to increase these levels, so that we can increase productivity and remuneration.”

This is how to hypnotize effectively. You are not telling your boss to give you a pay raise, but you are planting in his mind the increase of remuneration, while talking about something completely different.

You have just found out how to hypnotize. Find out more in my article How to Hypnotize-The Power To Control Anyone.

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