Conversational Hypnosis-Learn To Hypnotize Covertly

One of the most powerful tools a person can use in his words. It’s so powerful that it can even influence how others think and act.

The method of using words to convince others to do what you want is called hypnosis, specifically, conversational hypnosis.

This is a technique that allows you to use simple words like “and”, “but”, and “because” to manipulate or persuade other people. It is up to you on how you’ll be able to use these words to your advantage.

Most people would associate the word “but” to something negative, as it usually follows a positive statement only to turn it around and make it negative.

Through conversational hypnosis however, the word “but” is very powerful as it can draw attention and often cause confusion.

Confusion is always good when it comes to conversational hypnosis, because this is the time when your subconscious is exposed, and vulnerable to subtle commands or suggestions.

In conversational hypnosis, the word “but” is not used to introduce a negative statement, instead it is used to illustrate the positive side.

For a common statement like “this product is effective, but it will expire next year,” the word “but” is used to convey a bad news.

But if you use it in conversational hypnosis, it should be like “this produce may expire next year, but it is really effective in order to convince your customer to purchase it.”

In a way, you are influencing his train of thought, highlighting on the positive aspect of the product rather than its negative side.

Another technique that could influence another person’s train of thought is the use of the word “and”. This somehow minimizes the impact of your negative statement so that it won’t result to a negative response from the other person, say refusing to buy your product.

Using the previous situation described, you can use the word “and” to replace “but”, and your statement would be “the product is effective and will expire next year”.

Because of simple conversational hypnosis, you are not drawing attention to the negative aspect of the product, which is the expiration date; instead you are stating it as if it is the product’s feature.

Another thing that is effectively used in conversational hypnosis is the word “because”. This word is used to supplement a reason behind every action or every suggestion that you pitch to the person you talk to.

This word is powerful because it allows you to convince others to do something simply because you are using “because”. When others hear the word “because”, their mind is manipulated into thinking that you are stating a rationale behind an action, even though you’re not.

So even when you say “Sir, could you please answer a few of my questions because I need to find out which services best suits you?” they would still answer your questions even though the reason you stated is vague or invalid.

The chances that they’ll refuse your request or ask you again would be low because you have manipulated their mind into thinking that your actions are justified by using a simple word. The word “because” in conversational hypnosis allows you to reason out with your client by simply manipulating their thought process.

Conversational hypnosis is indeed a very useful technique when it comes to manipulating or persuading others.

Through simple words or phrases, you are able to control their thoughts and lead them to do what you want. It is best to take advantage of this technique, as it could prove very useful in people’s everyday activities.

Imagine becoming the best car salesman or the best real estate agent in your company. All this is possible through conversational hypnosis.

Among the many ideas you have to use these techniques the most powerful one comes to mind and causes you to want to learn more.

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