Covert Hypnosis: Learning Simple Techniques

Do you want to have the power of persuasion with just the simple use of your words? Well, a lot of people are natural charmers and can get almost anyone to agree on what they say but for the not so gifted, they usually end up being on the other end.

They are usually the ones being persuaded by others. But you can turn things around through the use of the covert hypnosis.

For years, people have quite a negative impression when they hear the word hypnosis as it was associated with cults, government conspiracies and other negative elements.

Hypnosis was said to be used even by Adolf Hitler, one of the most prominent dictators in the history of mankind, as a tool in order to get the full obedience and cooperation of all his soldiers and followers.

Since then, a lot of studies have been made so as to determine the effectivity of the technique in order to be used in more positive ways like that of the covert hypnosis.

What is covert hypnosis?

This type of mind control technique is also known as a conversational hypnosis. It is a form of mind control that is subtly administered as the people who are hypnotized usually don’t have any idea that they are being controlled.

Through the use of simple but powerful words as well as deep concentration, covert hypnosis works in order to make the person you are talking to agree with whatever you tell them and obey your commands without having to put them under a trance.

This works by speaking to their subconscious and making them think that it is of their own will that they are doing such things.

Who uses covert hypnosis?

Not many realize but there are a lot of people who use covert hypnosis techniques like sales people perhaps. They use simple charms in order to make their clients buy their product.

Likewise, organization leaders also use the hypnosis techniques in order to generate more members for the expansion of their organization. Sometimes, even simple and ordinary people practice this kind of hypnosis whenever they wish to get something that they want.

What are the techniques and how to apply them?

If you are convinced of the power of the covert hypnosis, then you might want to try these simple techniques that may help increase your leadership skills as well as your powers of persuasion:

1. You must be able to establish a good sense of communication with the people you are talking to. Converse with them and make them feel at ease. You can try complimenting their looks or probably talking about stuff that they like at first. Make sure that the conversation lines are open meaning, you listening intently to them and them listening to every word that you say. Get their attention by doing things that will make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

2. Once you’ve noticed that you’ve got their attention and that they are hanging intently onto your every word, then you can try applying the covert hypnosis. Start by using commanding words like imagine or picture this. Deliver the lines with such conviction without losing eye contact with the person you are talking to. This process of imagining will help open up your listeners mind so that you can easily access it in preparation for the persuasion part.

3. While in the process of imagining, apply some more covert hypnosis techniques but this time, use words that are more commanding. You can be very specific with the commands depending on what you actually want your listener to do. Your commands should be hard to resist and manageable so that your listener could accomplish the task.

Have you asked yourself how many different ways you can use these techniques?

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