How Do You Hypnotize – The Secrets to Getting People to Do What You Want

How do you hypnotize someone? It’s a question that I used to ask myself every once in a while, before I learned the answer. It wasn’t a particularly gnawing need that I felt, at least not at first.

Mostly I just felt curious, as it seemed like a neat skill to have. Yet, the more that I began to read about it, the more I realized that learning to hypnotize someone could be a really big help in my life- especially if I learned how to hypnotize someone without them being aware of what was going on.

I didn’t have any evil intentions or anything when I wondered how do you hypnotize someone, but who wouldn’t want to be able to know how to make people willingly do what you want?

The first thing you need to know if you wonder how to hypnotize people is what hypnosis is exactly. Being hypnotized is all about entering into a trance state. This is a very common occurrence in our lives, even if we haven’t been officially hypnotized before.

Whenever you nod off into a day dream while you are still awake, whenever you get into a relaxed yet intense focus when you’re really into a book you’re reading, whenever you lose track of time for a few minutes, whenever you do something really familiar and you enter into the flow of the work, in any and all of those circumstances you entered in to a hypnotic state.

There are some experts who go even further and argue that we are ALWAYS in a hypnotic trance. They argue that while there are times we’re more susceptible to suggestions than others, while there are times we are in a deeper trance than other times, we are still always in some level of trance.

Because of this, there is nothing to fear about hypnosis- not only is it normal, but it might even be our most natural condition. Which probably makes you even more curious when you think to yourself how do you hypnotize someone.

While we know what it’s like to be in this trance ourselves, we can’t always recognize it in others. You’re going to need to rely on visual cues to figure this out. In general, you’re looking for the other person to look like they are very relaxed.

They should be in between waking and sleeping. Their muscles, especially their facial muscles, should be relaxed and flatten out. They should start breathing much deeper and slower. They will probably have little muscle twitches, like you get when you are relaxing totally.

Their eyes should be duller than usual. They should still look awake, and like they are listening, but not like they are listening to you in any critical or consciously aware capacity.

When you want to hypnotize someone, it’s your job to induce this trance in them. You can do it formally, with the subject knowing that you are going to put them in to a trance, but this probably isn’t exactly what you’re looking to do.

While there are some benefits to consciously hypnotizing them, especially for therapeutic reasons, it’s not the best way to get them to do what you want. So how do you hypnotize someone to do what you want…read on.

The best way to shift someone’s behavior to fulfill your goals is to hypnotize them subtly in the middle of a conversation. This can be trickier, but the same rules apply. You’re going to need to primarily use your voice to build report, and then consciously use your voice to induce the trance.

Building rapport is key, as not only will it make them more likely to do what you want them to do, but it makes the trance induction easier as they will follow your physical and verbal cues more closely, mirroring them back to you.

Essentially, you’re going to work with your voice tone and cadence, and you’re going to consciously select words that you know are going to trigger the appropriate responses in them. In many ways, when you hypnotize someone you enter a very similar trance state, and they follow- with the key difference of being more conscious and in control of the proceedings.

When it comes down to it the question isn’t “how do you hypnotize someone” so much as “how do you hypnotize yourself while still staying conscious?”

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