Hypnotism- How Can It Work In Your Favor?

Clinical and scientific use of hypnosis is called Hypnotism. A temporary altered state of consciousness is known as hypnosis.

Those who perform hypnosis are called hypnotist. Hypnotism, if used scientifically by qualified professionals can be used in medical practice to help people that are affected by some medical or psychological issues.

Hypnotism has been in use since the dawn of civilization. However, the practice has been condemned and looked down upon due to its misuse. Ignorance has also been responsible for its condemnation as also mistaken beliefs and exaggerated claims.

Now there are organizations that espouse hypnotism and support its use in scientific and medical purposes.

While it was a common belief that hypnotism was connected with some magical power, scientists now have proved that hypnosis is a common phenomenon that everyone is effected with unconsciously. And it is also a wrong belief that anyone can be hypnotized without his consent.

The person being hypnotized should be willing to be hypnotized in order for the hypnotism to work.  In hypnotism the hypnotist and the person being hypnotized should work together willing to bring about the state of hypnotism. The focus of a person’s internal and external experience changes in hypnosis.

Hypnotism got its bad name because hypnotism was once performed in public where the subject was made to do things. This was exploited by film makers who projected hypnotism being used for evil purpose.

Such films and magical shows were responsible for people’s misconceptions about hypnotism. The presentation of hypnotism in such films were made to look so simple and easy that common untrained people attempted to reproduce that in their own way leading to disasters. These things also added to the erroneous belief about hypnotism.

Hypnotism is a dream like situation like sleepwalking. Though the term hypnosis is derived from Greek word hypnos, meaning sleep, it has nothing to do with sleep as such. Hypnotism in fact, is a heightened state of awareness where the subject can walk, write and talk in full awareness.

Hypnotized people are fully aware of their environment and you will not be able to make them do anything against their will.

There is a particular method by which a person can be hypnotized. The hypnotist uses language to guide the subject in such a way that that the state of awareness of the subject changes.

A sensitive person may experience quite a different state of awareness, imagination, awareness, memory and may often become more responsive to suggestions.  In hypnotism function of everybody can alter which has been scientifically proven.

Experiences people go through hypnotism are varied and unique to each. The experience of hypnotism can occur even without being hypnotized. Some people are very sensitive and start responding to suggestions without being hypnotized. And during hypnotism this responsiveness heightens.

As such there can be phenomena that are additionally produced like blushing, paralysis, sweating, muscle tensing, etc.

Therefore, hypnotism is a way that can help you in changing the state of your mind and help you medically as well as psychologically.

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