Hypnotism – How to Hypnotize Anyone to Obtain Anything You Want

Hypnotism is a word that has a mystery and suspense behind it. People have all along been fascinated with the concept of hypnotism and Hollywood has used the concept to the hilt in churning out blockbusters in that genre.

And the image that has been created was that of an evil person out to harm innocent people and use them for evil purpose.

This image has been handed down from ages and used by film makers which have confirmed the image in the minds of the common man.

However, the fact of the matter was that in those days when anesthesia was not known healers used to put their patients into trance before performing any kind of operation on them.

Though hypnotism was scientific in nature its knowledge was considered witchcraft by the common man. And wise men like the doctors, scientists and priests of those times had kept the knowledge of hypnotism a secret, one that is not to be shared with the common people.

Nevertheless, hypnotism is not a black art or something that should be feared. It is a science and is used in a very scientific manner.

It is a way a hypnotist embed ideas in a subject’s mind in such a subtle manner that he does not realize that he is being hypnotized and the result is that the subject believes that whatever suggestions that have been put in his mind is his own. This type of hypnosis is termed as conversational hypnosis.

In conversational hypnosis you can make the subject to think in a manner you want him to think. This is not as easy as you might think.

What you are going to tell the person and how you are going to do it matters the most. The conversation that you are going to hold should contain suggestions that will go into his subconscious without his knowing you are doing so.

This type of conversational hypnosis can only be done with a trusted person or with someone in whom the subject can repose faith.

In a sales situation, if the subject is biased against the salesperson then this kind of hypnotism is not going to work. The subject should have an open mind towards the salesperson. If the mind does not accept, hypnosis conversational or otherwise is not going to work at all.

Therefore it is very important that before you think of using hypnotism on any one, you should try to build up a rapport with the person first. Once you gain his trust you will be able to lead him the way you want through hypnotism.

The other important point that you should keep in mind when you engage someone in a covert conversational hypnosis, you should throw your words in a rhythmic pattern.

Repetition of certain words is going to embed the words in the subject’s mind and the idea is going to take root slowly. Repeating certain phrases in a certain manner is going to etch in his subconscious mind and then you will be able to lead him as you want him to.

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