Learn to Hypnotize – The 4 Main Steps

Are you ready to learn to hypnotize? It is particularly important to be open to the idea. You have to believe in your success and your skills in order to make things work.

There are four main steps which you need to perform. You have to follow this process precisely, if you want to learn to hypnotize effectively.

Preparing Yourself

There are no two opinions on the matter – in order to learn to hypnotize and use the different techniques effectively, you will need training. However, in order to be successful, you need much more than just mastering techniques. You have to be ready to apply them.

The main thing you need is confidence in yourself and in your skills. This is where you can use a variety of psychological techniques, including self-hypnosis. You have to say to yourself that your skill is growing and that you will do brilliantly.

You have to be particularly focused on your task. You should not let thoughts buzzing in your mind distract you. Put everything aside and become an iron man.

Building Rapport

Your first task as a hypnotist is to connect to your subject. Your goal is to gain the person’s trust and make him like you.

Building rapport is done exclusively on subconscious level. Your best bet is to rely on the old saying, “Birds of feather flock together.”

What you have to do is be like your subject. This is much easier than it sounds. Anyone who wants to learn to hypnotize can master this method.

One of the best techniques to use is mirror imaging. Your task is to mimic the person’s gestures and actions.

For instance, if the person is fixing his hair while he speaks, you can do the same. The key to success is not to stare at the person while making this gesture.

It is equally important to repeat the gesture at a certain pattern, for example every 20 seconds.

Switching Off the Critical Mind

You will know when you have built rapport with the person you want to put “under your spell”. It is important to feel the right moment, if you want to learn to hypnotize well.

Once you have achieved this, you can get to the hardest part – switching off the critical (conscious) mind. It is really important to focus on this process, if you want to learn to hypnotize effectively.

Your task here is to reach the person’s conscious mind and “open” it to suggestions.

There are various techniques that you can use to accomplish your goal. Opening the imagination is one of the most widely used one.

You can readily make someone imagine nice things happening to them or being in a completely different place. You can achieve this easily, by asking the person what he needs.

He will certainly imagine his desires. The key to success here is to let the person really go into the dream. Do not interrupt him with additional questions. Do not make any abrupt gestures that can make the person wake up from the trance.

This will automatically reduce the alertness of the critical mind to the extent you will require.

Making Suggestions

This is final stage is crucial for success, but you will not have difficulties with it, if you seriously want to learn to hypnotize.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to make sure that the person is in the state of trance. In general, this state does not last for very long, so you have to make a quick decision.

The dreamy eyes, the relaxed posture and the lack of specific facial expressions are some of the main signs to look for, before making suggestions.

Your subliminal message has to be short and to the point. Use an imperative form. For example, a salesperson can easily influence a prospect customer by saying, “You want this product. You are buying this product. You are enjoying this product”.

These phrases will not sound awkward, when you are suing the right tone of voice. It has to be flat. It is essential for you not to express any emotion with your intonation. Just make is sound as if it is a voice in the person’s head.

You are now on your way to learn to hypnotize successful. Keep expanding your knowledge.

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